Modern Kitchen Design

What constitutes Modern Kitchen Design?

It would be reasonable to think that a so called ‘modern kitchen design’ would feature the latest original design look, the newest ideas and the latest fashionable styles.  But surprisingly the true use of the phrase ‘modern kitchen design’ has an era, a fixed time frame that refers to a period from the 1920`s to the 1950`s. This particular time period (which incredibly started almost 100 years ago now –  included the acclaimed Art Deco and the Bauhaus movements – which saw some truly great, inspirational designs –  this became the modern design era. Today what we refer to as modern kitchen design borrows from this time frame, be it colours, textures and materials along with ideas.

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Modern Design Kitchens borrows colours, textures and materials from this exciting time frame, along with ideas.

The most common style of modern kitchen would today be known as the shaker kitchen – a square framed door with a flat centre panel. Modern kitchen colours for this style are predominantly creamy tones matched with wood veneers – oak and walnut shades being the most popular.
Whilst still retaining clean lines, modern kitchens are often described as ‘busier’ or maybe even ‘fussier’ than contemporary kitchen styles – featuring open ended shelves, baskets and wine racks. Cornices and light rails would frame the modern style kitchen wall units and perhaps fly over the window to link wall units together. Thick, chunky worktops are always popular in modern kitchens often framing kitchen islands.
These days Modern Kitchen Design still ideally suits many houses and homes and remains hugely popular. How interesting then, that modern can now be correctly described as traditional! However you describe it though – modern, traditional, Shaker – it is a style that still appeals and inspires. It is a kitchen design style that carries with it real history and recognition.


Modern design still suits many houses today and remains very popular. Forever we will have modern design and therefore we will always have ‘modern kitchens’ to choose from.


So if you are looking for a modern kitchen come and be inspired by the latest Modern Kitchen Design ideas in our extensive showroom in the heart of Abingdon, Oxfordshire and just ten miles from Oxford itself.


We look forward to welcoming you.

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