Marsh Balden Modern Kitchen, near Oxford

This client had built an amazing house – very open plan but  was not sure what he wanted in the kitchen space. He could not decide between a traditional kitchen or something more modern. We really felt the home deserved something more modern.

For the sink run we kept it very simple with doors all along. We changed the depths of the base units so we could keep a straight line whilst allowing the worktop to follow the shape of the curved wall. For the opposite wall, we created a breakfast bar to give a natural finish to the kitchen. We designed very asymmetrical wall units with a mix of open units in contrasting wood finish. We also used our unique oversized wall unit to house an integrated extractor which was then ducted outside.

We used tall units at the end of the run for the oven housings and pull out larders. These units framed an AEG fridge / wine cooler. This fridge unit is ideal for placing as it can fit flush with the depths of the units.

We had this kitchen fitted and ready for use is super quick time and the client was delighted.

Budget £25,000.00