Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design – What is it?

The short definition of Contemporary is “Living or occurring at the same time”. In the kitchen design world “contemporary design” is somewhat misunderstood.  Is modern design automatically contemporary?


What qualifies a kitchen design to be a Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Can any design – simply because it is in current times – be called contemporary?
Is contemporary kitchen design fundamentally minimalist?  Is a kitchen contemporary because it is based on today’s popular colours?

Fundamentally the answer is yes! Contemporary kitchen design is really of the moment; the style being used by many. Contemporary can be a short term fad or trend or just the latest fashion.

Generally cutting edge contemporary kitchen design is consistently changing as new styles evolve and emerge.

Styles from other eras can be revisited and borrowed to create contemporary design. New materials and textures are found in contemporary designs along with trending colours.

Round Kitchen
Round kitchen
Modern Kitchen Moon Design

Contemporary kitchen design typically includes;

  • An open, spacious feel to the kitchen space
  • Simple clean lines – such as handle free kitchens are a very popular look and remain easy to maintain and keep clean. (If you are wondering how they work they have a groove or channel built into the cabinet allowing the door to appear as a solid slab.)
  • Thin worktops – quartz worktops at 20mm or even ceramic worktops at only 12mm thick – used with a handle-less design will allow the worktop to appear to float.

Contemporary colours tend to be greys and whites; new grey textured wood is also proving popular.

For appliances in contemporary kitchens, steam ovens along with boiling hot taps are regularly being included. Other appliances like dishwashers, fridges and washing machines are being integrated into the kitchen design so as to keep the simple lines and style of the kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens are very much lifestyle kitchens. A room where people comfortably gather together and spend time cooking and relaxing together. Therefore kitchen areas are becoming larger, removing walls between the traditional kitchen and dining rooms are common, as is blending kitchens into conservatories or orangeries.

So, long live the beloved contemporary kitchen – that is until the next contemporary kitchen ideas come along.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our spacious kitchen showroom in Abingdon town centre (only a few miles from Oxford). We have a large range of contemporary kitchen styles on display as well as luxury bathrooms suites.

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