Vision Design Always Place Quality First – Because Quality Lasts.

We are fanatical about providing our clients with the highest possible quality kitchen and bathroom solutions – every time. See below for an insight as to how we consistently strive to achieve this.

When it comes to designing the space where you relax, we leave no stone unturned – literally!

Landford Stone supplies us with the very best in kitchen and bathroom surfaces. They have a superb collection of natural and man-made materials that deliver much more to your kitchen or bathroom space than just the latest designer trends.

Modern Kitchen supplied in Abingdon near Oxford

Over the last few years, we’ve seen kitchen fashions lean toward thinner worktops and seamless fittings. Landford Stone are our specialists when it comes to delivering that final touch. You might even say they’re at the cutting edge!

Based near Salisbury, they pride themselves on a high quality of service which – as you might expect – we demand from all our suppliers, because we demand it of ourselves. You only need to visit Landford Stone to get a sense of their knowledge and expertise. They’ve spent decades mastering their work.

We selected to partner with Landford Stone because they recognise that time well spent also delivers the best products. Their natural stone is formed not over decades or even centuries but over millennia. So it seems you’re looking to design a kitchen or bathroom with stone at the perfect time – 4,000 years earlier and it just wouldn’t be ready!

‘Yes, it’s planet Earth here. Your stone is ready now.’

Granite, marble, limestone, onyx and slate always align and complement perfectly our kitchen and bathroom furniture and our designs. And with over 600 available types to choose from, we know our customers can always find a personal finish for their home.

Fortunately nature has already prepared your natural stone and we won’t keep you waiting either. Your kitchen or bathroom stone finish could be ready in just seven days. Typically, we design and fit your kitchen or bathroom furniture then Landford  Stone  check and re-measure the template,  then seven days later it can be delivered and fitted to perfection. With other suppliers this process can take twice as long.

Dark stone bathroom

And if stone isn’t what you’re looking for, then ceramics could be the solution. At times when you want to customise the texture of your surfaces, Landford Stone’s ceramic range truly delivers in style and quality.

Superb Choices. Simplified.

The time we’ve invested in working with Landford Stone allows us to take a broader and clearer  view of your design needs. Working together, we’re used to looking after customers and providing strong quality guarantees.

Landford Stone is not some faceless division of a massive mining operation. It’s a well-established family run business and its longstanding owner, Molly, still loves running it. And while some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she’d probably argue there are plenty of other ‘rocks’ to choose from – equally as beautiful in their own way!

True Quality – it’s hard to define – but we all recognise it when we see it.

Combining our considered designs with Landford Stone’s superior products means you’ll always have unquestionable quality in your home.

Visit the Vision Design showroom in Abingdon to see our wonderful range of Arredo3 Italian styled kitchen designs along with breath-taking bathrooms from Novellini, Laufen and Roca. And if stonework and ceramics are there to finish your perfect bathroom or kitchen then don’t forget to visit and imagine the possibilities when you’re making a start, because as we said at the beginning, quality lasts.

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Light marble kitchen counters

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