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Vision Design are one of Oxfordshire’s leading bathroom, kitchen and bedroom designers and installers. Vision is based in Abingdon, just a few miles from Oxford and serving the towns and villages of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the Cotswolds.

This bathroom buying guide will give you some important tips and help you to plan your ideal bathroom, but if you really want excellent personalised advice please come and visit us in our extensive bathroom showrooms in Abingdon. We have years of valuable experience and expertise to share with you in a friendly, non-pressured way.

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Your bathroom is an important space in your home. Granted you won’t spend as much time in there as you will in your kitchen or your bedroom but nevertheless the bathroom will be both a functional and practical room as well as providing that sanctuary space where you can properly unwind and relax.

Bathroom Design – first considerations

When planning your new bathroom there are a few key things that you should consider first;

Who will be using the bathroom? Is it going to be a functional family bathroom or much more of a luxury relaxation and pampering space?  Will it be used for other things such as a make-up and dressing room for example?
If it’s a family bathroom you should be considering storage space and the practicalities of multiple users. For that extra luxury and relaxation experience look at free standing baths with easy to reach storage for candles, bath oils and magazines. If you are planning to use the bathroom as a dressing room as well you need to give thought to the lighting and mirror space.

Shower or Bath or both?  What is your preference – will you only ever want to shower – if so that will make a significant difference to planning your ideal bathroom. But if your preference is a bath over showers then clearly the bath becomes a key element of focus. If you want to incorporate both the bath and shower options how much space do you have? Enough for a separate shower and bath – or will it need to be a bath and shower combination?

Vision Design Bathrooms Abingdon, Oxfordshire

How much Bathroom space? This is clearly going to be the major design limiting factor in your bathroom planning equation. But before you start just consider whether there is any opportunity to expand your available bathroom space. Can you steal some under-used space from an adjoining room perhaps or is there an option to extend in some way?

If the existing bathroom space is all the space you have– and it’s not as big as you’d like – don’t despair! These days there are many clever design tricks and options that you could utilise to maximise the available space.  Just talk to bathroom design experts and they will be only too happy to share their knowledge and to help you.

Vision Design Bathrooms Abingdon, Oxfordshire

What is your budget? Along with the bathroom space available the amount you are willing and able to spend will be the other major factor when planning your ideal bathroom. You need to be realistic about the budget and bear in mind that typically people will overspend on that budget as they apply the extra unplanned touches to their dream bathroom – such as taps upgrades and higher grade flooring, not forgetting the post installation decorating costs.

What is your style preference? Ok so let’s get back to the fun stuff! What bathroom style do you want? In this regard you will have a huge range of choice from the traditional to the ultra-modern.  It may be that if you are in a Victorian or Edwardian property you want the bathroom to be in that recognised, well-loved traditional style or maybe not  – perhaps behind the bathroom door you envision an uber-modern cutting edge bathroom.

Vision Design Bathrooms Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Just a quick tip – if you are in an older property the existing bathroom wall tiles might be very difficult to remove without causing significant damage and taking a sizeable chunk out of your budget. If that is the case you might be better advised to keep these tiles and make them a feature of the new bathroom – designing a look and style around them.

Thinking about who will use the bathroom and  also how the bathroom is to be used, will provide you with a list of essential and nice to have features and requirements which should be kept in mind as you move through the bathroom planning process.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our extensive bathroom showrooms in Abingdon. We are less than 10 miles from Oxford and parking is free just behind the showrooms. You can browse our ranges of bathroom suites and see for yourself the outstanding quality of these products. Our experienced, friendly staff will be available to chat through your requirements and pass on their extensive knowledge if required.

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