Bathroom Trends and Fashions for 2017

If you are planning to splash out on a new bathroom in 2017 you might be inspired by some of these emerging new bathroom trends.


Whether you have a huge bathroom in a country house or a small bathroom space in a town centre apartment there will be an ideal bathroom design for you out there. From a s step back in time to traditional ‘heritage style’ bathrooms to uber-modern cutting edge new styles we have it covered.  Here is our take on the top 5 bathroom trends for 2017.

1.Traditional Styles are back

Period style bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular with large freestanding roll-top style baths taking centre stage and setting a grandiose theme. Carefully selected period fittings will add a glorious touch of heritage inspired luxury. With this exciting bathroom trend your bathroom will be endowed with a timeless elegance, creating the perfect space for relaxing body and mind. This style need not be confined to older period houses – it can work equally well in a newly built home.

Traditional Period Style Bath Vision Design Abingdon Oxford Oxfordshire

The trend for traditional styles has also been reflected in the fashion for traditional paint colours and Edwardian / Victorian tile styles.
Muted greys, greens and soft blues are highly popular right now and can complement the bathroom furniture beautifully.

Lighting is really important to get right. The right lighting can make a huge difference to the overall ‘look and feel’ of your bathroom. Many bathrooms often have a poor source of natural light so mirrored surfaces and shiny high gloss finishes can boost the available natural light and making smaller bathroom spaces seem larger and inviting.

2.Reflected Glory – Shine bright like a diamond

Sparkling, high gloss finishes are growing fast in popularity. With the right lighting they can really give your bathroom a spacious, bright feel.

Mirrored  and coloured glass, reflective wall panels and tiles, and high-gloss furniture and bath panels are popular light-enhancing materials used in bathrooms.  Tiles are a natural and traditional choice for bathroom walls and floors and they are available in a bewildering choice of sparkling, glossy finishes.

For an ultra-modern  style you should look at smooth, handle-free high-gloss fitted bathroom furniture . Keeping furniture off the floor and using wall-mounted cabinets makes the look even more contemporary. Large mirrors and chandelier style lighting can add drama and a touch of luxury to your bathroom creating a real “wow” factor.

High Gloss Finish Bathrooms Vision Design Abingdon Oxford Oxfordshire

Feature a Feature Wall

Feature walls have become ‘a thing’ in 2016 and they can be applied to the bathroom just as much as to a lounge or bedroom. Use a “statement piece” of furniture, or dramatic tiling or a large ornate mirror or some other piece of wall art to bring attention and interest to an otherwise bland wall space.

Let there be Light – as long as it’s the right light.
The right lighting scheme will maximise the impact of glossy reflective surfaces. Thoughtful use of downlighters can cast elegant pools of light over selected surfaces and recessed LEDs placed behind glass will deliver a diffused, gentle light just ideal for this long unwinding soaks in the bath.

Feature Wall Bathrooms Vision Design Abingdon Oxford Oxfordshire

3.Back To Nature
There is a real interest in more natural materials such as wood and stone.  There is a real trend for “bringing the outside inside”.  Wood and stone can add real character to your bathroom. They can also complement the sleek lines of modern bathroom.

Stone tiles are a natural choice and can be used on walls and floors. Basins and baths carved from stone can add to the natural theme.

You can add natural characteristics to your bathroom with wood panelling and as a bonus it will help to retain heat in the bathroom as wood is an excellent insulator. Tongue and groove is ideal for enhancing the heritage theme. For modern themes consider large panels of wood-effect composite. If real wood and stone are pushing the budget too far there are excellent choices available in stone or wood effect materials and it’s becoming increasingly hard to distinguish the natural from the manufactured.

Metals are also becoming trendy again with brass, copper and rose gold making being favourites for fittings and trims.

4.For Dramatic Effect

Convention – what convention? Increasingly we are seeing free thinking in the bathroom space with the use of solid, intense colours and bold, uber-trendy patterns. Glitzing up plain white ceramics is becoming a popular thing. This year’s colours are elegant and rich – think rich aubergines, deep blues and powerful, impact greys. You need to be careful though – especially in a smaller bathroom as the colours can overwhelm the space so if you are going to incorporate a bold colour or two consider using them in single blocks.

You can also introduce vibrant colour via high-gloss lacquered storage cabinets and coloured-glass or by selecting strikingly coloured wall tiles, you won’t be short of choices here.

5.Simply Showers

Recreating the Spa- like theme has seen a rise in bathrooms without baths – just showers. This often frees up space in the bathroom for additional furniture and storage options – or it can be left simply as free space for an expansive open look.

Spa Showers Vision Design Abingdon Oxford Oxfordshire

We are also seeing “invisible edged” shower screens growing in popularity.
Unlike metal-edged alternatives “invisible edge” shower screens add an ultra-modern touch.


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