Arredo3 – The Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs that are transforming Oxford Kitchens!

Quality Designer Kitchens for Abingdon, Oxford and Oxfordshire from Arredo3

Arredo3 began designing and creating superb quality kitchens in the Treviso region of Italy in 1984.

Arredo3 was founded by three friends who had each gained their own experience in producing kitchen furniture. 30 years later that modest business has developed into a company that is represented in over 40 countries and is recognised for their outstanding contemporary kitchen design styles.

Throughout all this Arredo3 still maintains a deep rooted commitment to delivering the highest level of quality and precision across the production process.

Why did we select Arredo3 Kitchens as our primary Kitchen partner?

Having used Arredo3 for around 7 years prior to taking over Vision Kitchens in 2013, we decided to look around at many other kitchen suppliers before deciding on a new kitchen brand for Vision Kitchens.

We checked other Italian suppliers as well as German manufacturers. We also looked extensively at UK suppliers.

The British manufacturers we considered were – amongst others;

  • Masterclass
  • Sigma 3
  • JJOrmerod
  • Burbidge
  • Mereway

However we did not feel that these suppliers could provide the truly contemporary kitchen styles that Germany and Italy are producing.

The Italian maunfacturers we visited included;

  • Aster Cucine
  • Effeti
  • Bontempi
  • Scavolini

With these manufacturers either the price did not match the quality or the quality was not up to our expected and exacting standards

The German suppliers we considered included;

  • Pronorm
  • Schuller
  • Hacker
  • Nolte
  • Siematic

Again we found price lists were not matching expected quality. Also, more importantly for us, their styles were limited and not at all flexible. German kitchen manufacturers tend to expect all of our kitchen designs to be based on their own expectations and that means limitations.

Arredo3 had proved themselves, over the previous years, to be at the forefront of design and, with a flexible approach, allowed us to really design client’s kitchens with flair and passion.

Furthermore Arredo3 have introduced so many new products, material and finishes over the last few years, we can now offer so much more than all of these other competitors.

Service has been – and continues to be – fabulous. Full kitchen design drawing confirmations from Arredo3 means planning issues simply do not arise further down the line. Most importantly, on confirmation we receive a committed delivery date, which is generally 3 to 5 weeks. This date has always – without fail – been achieved. Not once have we received a delivery outside of this date!

Hence, quality, price and service – we believe – are second to none.

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Despite its success, Arredo3 still remains, at its core a family business. It continues to employ a great many of the original staff who started working with the company in its early years. This experience, loyalty and commitment is rightly valued and clearly reflected in the outstanding kitchens now being produced by Arredo3 and which are exclusive to us at Vision Design.

The superb quality and contemporary design styles available across the Arredo3 range are inspiring homeowners in Oxford and Abingdon and across Oxfordshire.

Your kitchen design requirements and ideas can be matched with our extensive experience to create your ideal, unique, ‘dream kitchen’.

Quality italian kitchens from Arredo3
Contemporary italian kitchens for Oxford, Abingdon and Oxfordshire
Oxfordshire kitchens transformed by Arredo3
Oxford kitchens love Arredo3

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